Coaching enables accelerated progression into a new role with a greater sense of confidence and wellbeing.

Coaching provides a confidential, non-judgmental space to discuss sensitive issues and develop new ways to move forwards.

Coaching builds greater self-awareness, inner resourcefulness and resilience.
Working with a trained facilitator can help you and your team generate new thinking beyond the ‘usual’ ideas.
Create the conditions that enable safety to be cultivated and diverse thoughts to be shared.

Create an environment in which people can tackle hard issues, generating new ideas and decisions faster.

Strategies to help you manage impostor syndrome and it’s high professional and personal cost.
Build greater resilience, through harnessing your strengths and understanding your drivers.
Transform meetings into generative, productive and valuable time.
‘Lorna has a gift to support and inspire you as client to be the best version of yourself.’
Eva Ritchie, Leadership Consultant & Coach

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