Supporting you through change

Transitioning into a new leadership role can be difficult.  Alongside all the hopes of what you can do and achieve, there is often an undercurrent of high expectations or a gnawing sense of doubt about how you’re perceived and if you can deliver what is required within the time.

Coaching is a highly effective way to support people through change enabling accelerated progression into a new role and a greater sense of confidence and wellbeing.

What you will gain

  • Greater confidence and impact as a leader
  • Authenticity and congruence in how you show up
  • Insights into your strengths, blind spots & defaults under stress
  • Improved sense of wellbeing
  • Stronger team and business performance
‘What I particularly valued about the coaching was it enabled me to find solutions to issues and challenges far more quickly than I could alone. After each session, I came away with clear actions for what needed to change. These principles are now built into my daily working life. This has made the situation much better and has enabled me to achieve far more at work.’
John Hirst, Chief Executive, Destination Bristol

Space to think afresh

Within the increasingly fast-paced and ever-changing world of work, there is little time to think about the challenges you’re facing and the opportunities open to you.  Coaching provides the space to think afresh, explore, and gain new perspectives.  It helps build greater self-awareness and inner resourcefulness, important as working at a senior level often brings prolonged periods of anxiety and stress.

Given the confidential, non-judgmental, and supportive environment and focus on the future (rather than dwelling on the past) people often comment on leaving the coaching meeting feeling lighter and energised with greater clarity and confidence on what to do next.

Curious to find out more? Book an exploratory call to see how we may be able to work together.

Key benefits

Space to think, explore and gain new perspectives

Confidential space to discuss sensitive issues

Faster progression towards outcomes and goals


For coaching to be successful, you need to have a genuine desire and commitment to grow, develop and deepen self-awareness, and high motivation and willingness to embrace change.

We would agree what would work best for you in our initial meeting.  Six, nine and 12-month programmes are usual given that sustainable change can take time, and there needs to be time for action and reflection between each meeting to apply insights and experiment with new behaviours. A one to one coaching session is typically 90 minutes or 2 hours long and most clients find every 4-6 weeks works well. 

Depending on our respective locations, we can either meet in person or online. 

The coaching is tailored to each individual, team, or group requirements, as such the price will vary.  Please do get in touch for an initial confidential exploratory call so we can understand your needs and you can make sure we are the right fit for you.

This service is perfect for you if...

This service isn't right for you if...

‘Coaching has had the biggest impact on me over any other self-improvement or leadership course I have done. I have been able to change from being stressed and overreactive, catastrophising every issue, to being able to see things objectively, including my own emotions and thought patterns.

The benefits to my business are that I have a happy and stable work force... My workload is much easier and more manageable and I feel confident to keep growing the business.'
Founder & Practice Principal, Petcare Vets

How does coaching work?

Coaching provides the space to generate new thinking and awareness.  The pace and style are exploratory and open but always focused on getting you to your desired outcome.

The work we do together is bespoke to you. This starts by focusing on your hopes and expectations for the coaching, with clearly defined success markers and an understanding of what’s important for you within the coaching relationship.  If there is an organisational sponsor they are encouraged to share their expectations as well.

Working on the basis that each of us is the expert in our own life and whatever the opportunity or challenge we’re facing the solution lies within us, the coach acts as a thinking partner, rather than dispensing advice.

The process of talking helps clarify thinking, whilst deep listening and thought-provoking questions help uncover patterns and generate new awareness.  Clients regularly comment on gaining new insights on reoccurring or thorny issues much faster through coaching than they could alone.

By the end of each session, you will have a clear path of next steps to try out which helps generate and embed new learning.  Regular review points and two-way feedback are built into our work, so we can take stock of progress against the outcomes, celebrate successes, and adjust direction as needed.

The relationship between the coach and client is fundamental to the success of the coaching, with trust and honesty being at the heart of this.  A confidential no-obligation exploratory call or meeting will help us ensure that we’re the right fit for each other.

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