Fresh thinking for complex issues

In the busy-ness of the day to day, finding time to think about complex business issues can be difficult. And, when teams do come together that time needs to be well spent generating new ideas, solutions, and decisions.

Working with a trained facilitator can help you and your team to think afresh about complex business issues, such as strategic direction, business planning, or defining company values and behaviours.

What you will gain

  • New thinking beyond the ‘usual’ ideas
  • Creative and innovative solutions to challenges
  • Greater diversity of thinking
  • Higher team engagement & trust
  • Resolutions reached faster
‘The day was excellent, it allowed us to think about things we simply had not had opportunity to before. It generated rich information that will help towards our organisational development and created alignment on what needs to be done.’
Laura Serratrice - Chief Executive, Sight Research UK

Creating the right environment

The quality of our thinking is determined by how well we treat each other whilst we’re thinking. Whilst this may seem obvious, it is often lacking in the rush and urgency of corporate life. Meetings tend to be dominated by the same third of voices and much of the thinking shared is simply not new.

Creating an environment in which people can generate new thoughts and ideas, beyond those they have already had is essential for businesses looking to drive creativity, innovation, and engagement, and manage risk.

Our approach to facilitation is underpinned by creating a Thinking Environment™. This provides the conditions in which people can think creatively, rigorously, and independently and so generate better ideas, solutions, and decisions.

‘Innovation happens when people are free to think, experiment and speculate.’
Matt Ridley
Author of How Innovation Works

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Key benefits

Address complex business issues

Drive innovation & creativity

Strengthen team cohesion


We take a partnership approach focused on understanding your needs and desired outcomes so we can design a day(s) that delivers this. Every organisation and team is different so what we create is bespoke to you. We like to kick off with an initial no-obligation meeting so we can fully understand your requirements, and ensure we are the right fit for you. Please do get in touch to find out more.

In all likelihood yes! Please do give us a call to discuss your requirements.

Ideally a minimum of 4-8 weeks lead time is normally required. This provides time to scope and plan your project to ensure you get exactly what you need from the day(s). Please give us a call to discuss your requirements and check availability.

We take a bespoke approach focused on delivering the outcomes you’re looking for, as such the price will vary. Please do get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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‘Having you as the facilitator was crucial to making the day successful. You helped us think about difficult issues, made sure everyone’s voice was heard and kept us on track. Thank you again.’
CEO, National Charity

How does facilitation work?

We work with you in advance to understand your desired outcomes from the day so we can create an event that delivers this. This is bespoke to you and your requirements.

On the day the facilitator’s role is to make it easy for your team to think and find answers to the questions your business needs to answer. We help your team to work effectively together, drawing out new thinking, ideas and opinions, ensuring everyone’s voice is heard, even when there are different perspectives and interests.

Having an external facilitator enables all the members of your team to be free to fully contribute, rather than be tied up in managing the process. Our independence also provides impartiality which is important in building safety and trust.

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