Addressing the challenges facing leaders

Leaders often come up against similar issues that can affect their confidence, resilience, and effectiveness. Our workshop series addresses common challenges including how to lead in a sustainable way, create high performing teams, and transform ineffective meetings.

Each workshop is tailored to the specific needs of your organisation and can be integrated into your leadership development programmes or onboarding process for new leaders. These can be delivered in person or online.

What you will gain

  • Insights into how to lead in a sustainable way
  • Develop high performing teams
  • Understand how to manage Impostor Syndrome
  • Lead in a way that is authentic to you
  • Transform ineffective meetings
‘I feel so much more confident and comfortable in situations that I once found daunting. Thank you so much.’
Head of Department, Regional Charity

Experiential learning in a safe environment

Workshops provide experiential and collaborative learning, with the opportunity for you to learn from your peers, try new things out, and reflect on learnings and actions you can take back into work.

Working in small groups helps cultivate safety and maximise engagement. The content is designed to be enjoyable, relevant and memorable, helping surface new awareness and ways of working.

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Key benefits

Address leadership challenges

Tailored to your requirements

Experiential learning


We take a partnership approach that starts with understanding your needs so we can create a bespoke workshop or programme that delivers on this. We suggest starting an initial no-obligation meeting so we can fully understand your requirements, and ensure we are the right fit for you. Please do get in touch to find out more.

If it’s in the area of leadership development it’s highly likely we can help. If not, we have a wide network of high calibre contacts who may be able to. Please do give us a call or drop us an email.

Absolutely. We can work with you to create bespoke content that will deliver on your learning outcomes. Please do get in touch to find out more.

It completely depends on diaries, but we normally suggest a minimum of 4-8 weeks lead time so we can scope and plan your workshop to ensure you get exactly what you need from this. Please do give us a call to set up an initial meeting.

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‘Such a helpful workshop thank you. I now have clarity on why I was stuck in certain disruptive patterns in my thinking which affected my day to day activities and productivity.’
Founder, Technology Company

Customised learning to your needs

Leadership development workshops are customised to your specific requirements. These can be run over a half-day, full-day, or shorter time frames depending on your desired learning outcomes and whether they are delivered in person or online. There is also an opportunity for people to deepen and build on personal learnings that have surfaced through the workshops through one to one coaching or action learning sets.

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